The Drinking Club with a Running Problem 😉

When is the Run ?

Usually Every other Sunday at 16:00 (4:00 pm. for Yankees) – but once in a while we decide to do an out-of-town run, meeting in the morning – or even a week-end event! – Check “Next Run”.

What do i Pay ?

MEMBERS PAY 50 pesos and VISITORS PAY 150 pesos FOR ONE RUN. MEMBERSHIP is 500 pesos annually.
You pay only 50 pesos

When is Over ?

Not until the Fat Lady sings…. no, seriously, if people can get their acts together and show up on time (yeah, right !), then we should be off for an hour’s run, maybe 75 minutes, starting at 16:01.

How long is it ?

Depends. About 5 km – for those runners still measuring in miles, stones, pounds, shells and other funny stuff: It’s long enough to long for the beer stop….

Where is the Run ?

What run? We try to stay away from the streets – but the hares can’t always get out into the countryside! Since we are usually short of hares, we cannot shoot them at sundown, so we’ll have to live with it. But we have had runs in Cotui, Palenque, Bani, Juan Dolio and so on . . . and some runs are just 20 minutes from anywhere (not from Monday 06:30 till Sunday 01:30, though) like Haina, Los Rios, Arroyo Hondo, etc.

Is there any Food ?

Sometimes, yes, but most often not. But we do like to eat, though, so if you can cook…….

Who can Come ?

The whole enchilada ! Men and women, children and grand parents – but it’s usually not a good idea to bring your Ex AND your new sweetheart at the same run.

Who Sings ?

As mentioned, we sometimes have children and women on board, so no real “bawdy” songs. Some talented hashers please real art lovers when performing “Father Abraham” before the run. If anyone sings AFTER the run, we’ll keep him away from the beer…….. for three months.